Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama's Gutter Ball And Other Weekend Musings

While attending a friend's birthday party Saturday night at a bowling alley, I was reminded of President Obama's ill-advised attempt at humor when describing his shaky bowling skills. We've all either seen or heard President Obama's remark about the Special Olympics by now.

While I will be the first to say that the reaction has been over-the-top and that it, unfortunately, overshadowed so many other more important remarks he made during his appearance on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno , President Obama has to remember that he is no longer "just one of the guys."

You and I could make that joke and not be criticized, but not the President.

I frankly love the fact that we have a president who's down, but that doesn't mean we still shouldn't hold him to a higher standard.

Here are some other random musings from over the weekend:

*My recent posts about the UK Basketball coaching situation have reminded me of one of life's little facts: people believe what they want to believe.

If you want something to be true, you will accept anyone's thoughts pointing towards that hopeful truth. On the contrary, if you don't want something to be true, you will discount anything anyone says towards that fearful truth, regardless of how much credible information that person may have.

*Speaking of the drama swirling around Kentucky's basketball program, the Lexington Herald-Leaders's Jerry Tipton presented some great counter-points to the shallow arguments some fans have presented in favor of keeping Billy Gillispie on the job for another year.

Here's my favorite excerpt: Those who support him could say two years is too soon to judge a coach. UK would look panicky and overly obsessive about basketball. These are the seeds of a public-relations problem. Plus, to fire Gillispie now would mean admitting the mistake of hiring Gillispie two years ago.

As a counterpoint, the decision is not based on victories or defeats. A single coach whose lifestyle can be grist for the rumor mill is the wrong fit for a button-down program such as Kentucky. Like it or not, the coach represents not only UK but the entire state. Gillispie wants only to recruit and coach. There are plenty of jobs where that's sufficient. Kentucky isn't one of them.

Amen, Jerry. Amen!

*Last week, I wrote about the SEC's decline in quality basketball teams, and less than a week later, all three of the conference's NCAA Tournament representatives have been eliminated. Not one team from the country's most athletically-skilled conference could make it to the Sweet 16. So maybe this year's poor result speaks more to the SEC's decline in quality coaching.

But at least three SEC reps made it to the NIT Sweet 16, right?

*I received an e-mail earlier this week with information regarding picking up my credential for the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic. The Final Four of Major League Baseball's version of the World Cup is being held at Dodger Stadium.

The e-mail got be to thinking about MLB's plan to grow baseball internationally, "Does anyone really care?"

You tell me.

*Imagine being 36 years old in great physical shape, but yet needing open heart surgery. That's exactly what 11-year MLB veteran Aaron Boone is facing. Thursday, Boone will undergo a procedure to repair a problem with his aorta and aortic valve.

Just another reminder that life is fragile. We all should live our lives seeking to enjoy our limited time here on Earth. Life is way too short to be bogged down with petty arguments and meaningless gossip. Get out and enjoy life for what it truly is: Beautiful.

Good luck, Aaron.

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