Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Billy G Needs To Go

So this is what it has come to? Both Western Kentucky and Morehead State locked up automatic bids to the NCAA Tournament, and Louisville could very well end up with a number one seed, yet Kentucky--the team with the most NCAA wins in history--is headed to the NIT? The freaking NIT? Seriously?

Well, that's it. Enough is enough. Billy Gillispie needs to go!

Even though I thought it was a mistake by Kentucky to hire Gillespie to replace the under-appreciated Tubby Smith, I gave the man the benefit of the doubt. Not because I personally saw potential in his abilities, but because Texas coach Rick Barnes and Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel both assured me that Gillispie was capable of being the coach UK needed.

Maybe they were trying to hype up the Big 12 or maybe they simply didn't want to bad mouth Gillispie, but either way, they were wrong. Gillispie is about as far away from being the coach UK needs as Chris Brown is from being Time's Man of the Year.

Not only is the team under performing--NBA execs tell me both Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson have a future in the pros--but the program has no sense of direction. Can you tell me what style of play the Cats are supposed to be playing? And if you do know, can you please tell the players, because they obviously have no clue either.

And if that alone wasn't bad enough, Billy Gillispie treats people--including diehard UK fans--as if they don't matter.

Dana O'Neill wrote recently on that "(Gillispie) is perceived as prickly, aloof and guarded, a lunch pail of bad personality traits in the fishbowl that is Kentucky basketball... He has been brusque with the media, both local and national, and his rude dismissals of ESPN sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards have been a hot topic in Kentucky. He is not one to engage in small talk with anyone, brushing into and out of meeting rooms, locker rooms and breakfast rooms with a purposeful stride."

Tubby Smith was never like that, and although Rick Pitino was a bit leery of UK fans in the beginning, at least he was winning!

Gillispie acts like a jerk--oftentimes for no apparent reason--but can't beat Georgia at home. Nobody likes an asshole, especially one headed to the NIT!

I agree with Kenny Walker and others back in the Bluegrass, who are calling for Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart to do something drastic: recognize that he made a mistake and fire Billy Gillispie after just two seasons on the job.

Fan morale could be at an all-time low, and player morale seems to be even lower. Both deserve better.

The job at Kentucky is certainly not made for everyone, and it's readily apparent to me that it certainly wasn't made for Billy Gillispie.


Anonymous said...

I just watched a replay of that 2005 regional final with Kentucky and Michigan State on Big Ten Network.

Kentucky was a #2 seed. It feels like suuuuch a long time ago.

Menwhile I like what Tubby is doing here in the Big Ten with Minnesota. I wonder if those fans in KY are feeling any remorse at this point.

Kyle Draper said...

Damn Eaves tell them how you really feel. It's bad out here man. In less than two years Gillispie has fractured the fan base. Some feel he needs more time. Others say it's time for him to go.

Michael Eaves said...


it's definitely time for him to go!

Montana Dave said...

I am a Kentucky transplant living out west, so I follow Kentucky hoops mostly on the internet. I was going to buy the Full Court Pass that ESPN offers, but glad I didn't waste my money. Should Billy G go? I say emphatically, "Hell yeah!" He's snide, sarcastic, and has yet to produce much of anything except for headlines no Kentucky faithful wants to see. I know it's a controversial subject, but I was a Tubby sympathizer. Had he not been put through the media wringer every time he did not impress, he may have wanted to stay. Sure, Tubby never gave us what Rick Pitino did, but will anybody? I say Tubby's second and third round appearances were better than a first round loss and now, barring a miracle, an NIT invite! Pitino's never coming back, and Gillispie needs to go, so who then? How about Mark Few of Gonzaga? He's up-tempo, can recruit local and national talent, and, most importantly, produces results. If AD Barnhart reads this blog, I hope he sees more logic to my choice than his. If not, I hope he enjoys the NIT (Not Invited Tournament)!

Cookiehead Jenkins said...

Two years is usually not enough time for a coach to get his system implemented and program turned around (see R.Brooks), BUT when you take a program as far down as BG has and everything you've done(minus getting Patterson and Miller to UK) has been a total failure...time to go. I wont be surprised when Billy G takes off his mask and reveals that he is really Denny Crum.

Glad to see your Kentucky roots coming out.