Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Official: Billy Gillispie Has Been Fired!

After weeks and weeks of speculation, it appears that it is finally official: Billy Gillispie has been fired!

Multiple sources have confirmed to me that Gillispie was relieved of his duties following UK's loss to Notre Dame. In fact, the players were informed right after the game but were told to keep quiet about it until an official announcement was made. That announcement will come Friday.

Here is an excerpt of an e-mail I obtained from an employee at the university:

I have a little UK basketball news that you can share with any of your UK buddies... Billy Gillispie has been fired. He and the other assistant coaches told the team goodbye in the locker room after the game. The players were then told by Mitch Barnhart and Lee Todd (the athletics director and president of the university) how to answer reporters after the game. (Denying any knowledge of the firing, etc) A formal press conference will be scheduled for Friday to make the official announcement to the public. Gillispie left the game last night on a flight and the team traveled back to Lexington on a bus.

As of last night, the only names being mentioned for the replacement are Billy Donovan and Travis Ford. Lee Todd says he will not hire John Calapari under any circumstances. It seems as if President Todd has a little more say than Mitch Barnhart as far as the hiring this time.

I hope to have more on this story as well as potential replacements in the immediate future.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I hate to see BCG go from a human stand point and wish him well were ever he lands. Good to see Todd is pulling in Barnharts leash. Burn Me once Shame on you Burn me Twice and Shame on Me. Glad to see UK is starting to think on this one... NO CALIPARI that is even more awesome. we don't need our next SI cover a repeat of Kentucky's Shame.

did you have to wait till Friday Lexington time to break the news you are the first one to be reporting it....

sportsfan said...

Did not happen. I think your sources are way off base.

Anonymous said...

I think Travis Ford would be a horrible hire. Sure he is an up-and-comer but UK basketball shouldn't go after that (See Gillispie, Billy). Hire an established coach.

Anonymous said...

Everyone thinks that Donovan is the next coach and I think that an announcement to that effect will be made soon. He is a very good coach who can handle the job and pr and all that. I just wonder if he would do a good enough job from a recruiting standpoint, compared to your boy Calipari. I just feel that Calipari is a slightly better option. I guess that Dr. Todd must have talked to Sandy Bell, Uk's compliance officer who was at UMass when Calipari left. Word is Billy G to NC State.

mike said...

I am glad to see Billy gone and wish him the best. KY needs to do the homework and find the best coach for the program. Then go out and buy him. Travis Ford is not ready.

Its refreshing to see a sports writer who makes since and reports the facts.