Monday, March 23, 2009

Kentucky, Here I Come

You ever notice how life has a way of coming full circle? At various times in our lives, our past becomes our present again, and that's definitely been the case for me lately.

Nearly 10 years removed from living in Kentucky and more than 6 years removed from covering the SEC, I find myself immersed back into the world of UK sports--more specifically UK Basketball. And on top of that, I am making my first trip back to Lexington this weekend since Derby Week of 2003.

Holy Kentucky deja vu, batman!

So I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised when I received a call from Mike Cameron this morning asking me to come on his show with Chris Cross later today on 1300 WLXG-AM in Lexington.

Back in the day, I used to host my own show on 1300, and since I left town in 1999, I have been a frequent guest on their show.

Most recently, they have had me on to discuss the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels or other West Coast teams I cover on a regular basis. Today, however, I have a feeling we won't be talking about Kobe's chances of winning a second straight MVP award.

The Bluegrass is all the buzz about the UK Basketball coaching situation. Is Billy Gillispie staying or going? If he does leave, who is in line to replace him? Those are the questions UK fans want answered, and quite frankly, so do I.

I am scheduled to appear on The Sports Huddle at the top of the 6pm eastern hour.

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