Sunday, March 22, 2009

Donovan Reaches Out To Pitino About UK Job

I have been getting flooded with e-mails from UK fans asking, "what have you heard?" as it relates to the Kentucky coaching situation.

For those of you new to me and/or my blog, here's a point of information. I do not post what I have heard. I post what I know.

If I have not been told something directly from the parties involved or those with direct access to the parties involved, I won't go with it. I leave the rumors and the speculation up to the countless message boards out there.

So if I did not respond to some of your e-mails, it's because I didn't know anything at the time. However, I now know a little something.

In the last couple of days, Rick Pitino and Billy Donovan have discussed the coaching situation at Kentucky. I do not know exactly what was said, but I do know that it was Donovan who reached out, picking up the phone to call Coach P.

Some of those close to Pitino feel as if the UK job is his if he wants it, but if he decides to stay at Louisville, then Donovan would be the second choice. It seems as though, despite Mitch Barnhart bungling the Donovan negotiations two years ago, that the two-time national championship coach is quite interested in hearing what UK has to offer this time around.

As far as the chances of Pitino going back to Lexington are concerned, those odds increase dramatically if the Cards run the table and win the national championship. Some of his assistants believe that Coach P would feel better about leaving the program if he had just guided the Cards to the title. Pitino hates leaving projects unfinished.

So for all the UK fans out there who desperately want Pitino to come back to UK, maybe you should do something you've likely never done in your life: root for Louisville to win it all!


TheBigBooyah said...

laughable. c'mon dude.

Anonymous said...

Uk fans are crazy and arrogant if they think Pitino will come back. And why would you want him back?

He's getting old -- besides -- have they heard of the multi-million bombastic stadium they are building for PITINO?

What about Billy Minardi hall on Louisville's Campus they built in the name of his brother in law and best friend?

Is he going to bring that too?

What about all the recruits and committments he has there for the next several years?

He doesn't want to leave them like he did at UofK -- he already made that mistake once admittedly.

You guys are crazy !!!


bopper said...

If you think that coming back to coach UK has never crossed Pitino's mind then you are the one who is crazy. That man has stated numerous times that is was a huge mistake leaving. He also referred to UK as the Roman Empire of college basketball. Having said that i do not think he would ever come back but it is not because he does not want too it is because he has burned too many bridges and going to UofL is the main one. UK and Pitino was about as perfect of a match as you could ever find in College Basketball and he knows that and everyone knows that!

Anonymous said...

I know for a FACT that Michael Jordan will be the new UK coach. The contract is scheduled to be signed next week.

Anonymous said...

Donovan to UK for $16.5 million over 5 years..Book it. He is coming guys.

Charlie said...

This just in.....Eddie Sutton is teaming back up with his son Sean and they are coming back to UK to turn this thing around! Only request Eddie had was that Billy G be able to stay on as an assistant, solely for a drinking buddy....

Jenni said...

Pitino is coming back, he has changed in the last couple of years. It isn't all about ambition anymore. It runs much deeper than that. He is getting his priorities in order. He knows now more than ever what truly is important. And that it is important for him to be @ UK.

rosskycats said...

Andy...You can bite this UK fan you jerk! Who really gives a crap about Louisvilles recuits? He made the same committments to UKs recruits before he left them.And as far as his brother in law goes..We have streets here to name after him..Hell.. We will name the whole campus after him. And no matter what they build for Pitino or name after him, it can never touch anything in Lexington.And psssst..Guess what?..Theyre building another arena here as well..Dont think were gonna let lil brother show us up do ya? Louisville will never be UK and UK wont be down forever so enjoy U of Ls run this yr...I wouldnt get to used to it tho..And...We are crazy? You sound like a U of L fan? Scared you might just lose him? After all...LOUISVILLE is and always has been second best to UK. Maybe pitino will pull the knife from UKs back and put it in U of Ls back this time around.And oh yea Andy..Get a clue before you open that suck hole on your U of L face.

Anonymous said...

All of ya'll that are hatin' pitino aren't true Kentucky fans! Therefore, quit waisting your time leaving comments.. You have no idea what you're talking about..Or you're not old enough to have experienced Pitino..And again, don't know what you're talking about. This man is the GOD of College basketball.. We would be so blessed to be able to have him as our head coach. Eddie Sutton ruined UK's name and Pitino made what was wrong, right!! Maybe you should research a bit more!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, now UK is only 3rd best in the state behind Western Ky. Try to make it into the tournament next year guys.

Anonymous said...

Well said Rossycats!!! Once the new UK Basketball Arena is built, and the planning has already begun, it will place UK as the richest, monitarily speaking, program in the history of the sport. Currently UK is second only to North Carolina who receives proceeds from parking and concession sales. Our agreement with Rupp Arena does not offer theses proceeds. The new Arena will not only have a share in parking and concessions but will likely include premium suite seating. I'm not necessarily a fan of these exclusive seating areas but they are a huge income producer. All of these additional income producers will thrust UK into a completely different league that NO ONE will be able to touch for decades!!!

Chad in Nashville