Sunday, March 22, 2009

Does Billy G Know His UK Days Are Numbered?

I have known John Clay since the mid 90's. I have always thought his observations in the Lexington Herald-Leader were mostly spot on. He and I seem to agree on certain topics/issues where others do not.

And that definitely seems to be the case in John's most recent take on Billy Gillispie's future at Kentucky.

Based on what I have been learning over the last several days, a shake up in the UK Basketball program would not be a shock to the media, the fans or even Gillispie himself.

Listening to him respond to questions today left me with the impression that he feels as if his days at Kentucky are numbered.


Kevin said...

Just ran across your name on Matt Jones' live blog and wanted to say hello. Hope you're well.
Kevin Tabler

Anthony said...

Mr Eaves,

I see where a few Kentucky fans (who are clearly ignorant as to who you are) have attacked you, your reporting and even your credibility, for no other reason than simply not liking the news you're reporting.

I'm a massive UK fan and supporter. From my days as a toddler through most of the next four decades, aside from A LOT more gray hair, UK has been one of the few constants in my life. Originally from the Lexington area (Cynthiana), I've lived in enemy territory (Louisville) for nearly 11 years and have spent an additional 2.5 years currently and most recently in western North Carolina. I live among the fanatical supporters of the Heels, Blue Devils, Wolfpack and myriad other teams. If that isn't enough, I'm within a stone throw of Clemson in South Carolina and the upstate fan base of the Gamecocks, too. Additionally (unbelievably), I'm also on the fringe of UT's home-base in Knoxville and can't escape some of their knuckleheads, either.

All of that is to say that I've experienced some of the best and worse when it comes to college(basketball, football, etc.) fans, especially the more rabid among us. I'm sure you know this already, but I'd like to remind you that Kentucky is no different in that regard. While we do unfortunately, have our share of bozos, we also have the same (if not more) allotment of fans and supporters with sanity and maturity, regardless of zealousness.

While it probably isn't necessary, I want to apologize for those among my fellow UK fans who have called you or your sources into question. I can't believe you even allow some of their comments to be posted. I wish those to whom I refer would lighten up and back off of you or if nothing else, at least just show some respect and appreciation of your efforts to provide us with updates that we would likely get nowhere else.

I suppose I could have (sorry) made this a lot shorter, but it was important to me that I let you know that you are appreciated. Thank you for your updates on the Kentucky coaching situation, as well as all coverage you provide to college and all sports fans.

Regarding the UK situation specifically, I loathe the current upheaval. While I wouldn't normally, EVER consider advocating the dismissal of a coach with such a short tenure, there seem to be a multitude of extenuating circumstances this time around. Fortunately, I have the luxury of not having to make such decisions and can simply support my school and team, whatever direction they decide to go. Lastly, I'll say this, I come from a small town and once, as a young child, went groundhog hunting with a neighbor/family friend and Joe B. Hall as a young child. It became clear to me at even that young age, that a Kentucky basketball coach must be a special person. In many ways, wins and losses can be only a small part of what really matters(though they're clearly among the most important). Still, Gillispie appears to lack a lot of "what it takes" and each day that goes by seems to bring even more evidence that his days could be numbered. At least this time, unlike the Tubby situation, it will be no one's fault but the coach himself, if there is a change made.

Regardless, thanks again for providing such an excellent level of coverage and your time in service to all of your readers who care so much about our beloved Kentucky Wildcats! Your blog is CLEARLY one of the BEST places to stop for ANYONE who wants to know what's happening behind the scenes in the sporting world!

Best Regards,