Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pitching Comes Around and So Does Angels’ Record

What a difference some good pitching can make.

When the Angels started the season 2-6, most fans started to get a little restless and were wondering if the Angels knew that spring training had ended the week prior and these games actually counted.

The poor play had infected just about every aspect of the team. Starters were giving up too many early runs and not getting deep into games.  Relievers were bringing gasoline cans to the mound instead of water hoses. Hitters couldn't get enough key hits in timely situations.  And the defense and base running -- two staples of the Scioscia era -- were equally lackluster.

One person who didn't jump on the panic bandwagon, of course, was manager Mike Scioscia.  He knew the talent he had on his ballclub and had complete confidence that things would turn around sooner rather than later, but he wasn't about to just sit by idly and wait for the Angels to flip the switch and start playing better.  

foxsportswest.com: Pitching Comes Around and So Does Angels’ Record 

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