Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If Kobe's Not Panicking, Should You Be?

I realized long ago that it's human nature for fans to panic when their team or favorite star player isn't playing well.  It's not just something they seemingly can't help.  It's actually something they need.  Fans are so emotionally vested in their teams that they need this feeling of panic to validate their emotions.

We are all witnessing another perfect example of that dynamic following the first four games of the Lakers' first-round playoff series with the Thunder.  With each team having won games on its home court, LA fans -- and most of the media -- are for some reason thinking the Lakers have their backs against the proverbial wall.  Game 5 is a do-or-die situation.  It's a must-win game.

While you can make strong arguments about the value of a win in Game 5, it's a bit misleading to say the Lakers absolutely, positively have to win this game.  

foxsportswest.com:  If Kobe's Not Panicking, Should You Be?

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