Monday, May 19, 2008

Jeanie Buss: I'm The Poster Child For Not Mixing Business With Pleasure

When the Lakers were struggling during the Rudy Tomjanovich era, Jeanie Buss was the biggest advocate, if not cheerleader, for bringing Phil Jackson back to coach the Lakers. Although she has always maintained that she does not have any say in basketball matters, what father doesn't listen to his little girl?

So with that being said, if the Lakers win this year's NBA title shouldn't Jeanie Buss get some credit for making it happen? I mean, Mitch Kupchak gets all the credit for drafting Andrew Bynum and making the trade for Pau Gasol. But where would the Lakers be without the Zen Master?

This is part of an older interview I conducted with Jeanie Buss shortly after Phil Jackson came back to coach the Lakers for a second time. In this clip, Jeanie talks about the delicate balance between her business life and her relationship with the Lakers head coach.

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