Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vote For Change

Last Saturday, thousands of supporters all across the country came together at more than 100 Vote for Change kickoff events -- including at least one in all 50 states.

They heard from speakers like Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick about how to register new voters effectively. Then they hit the streets and started making a difference in their own communities.

Here are two great stories from people who participated in a Vote for Change event this weekend:

"It was a really great feeling to see the community united by this effort. All ages, races and walks of life were represented at this event -- it was awesome to be part of a cohesive group working forward toward a common goal."
- Erika in Chandler, AZ

"The most exciting registrations that I worked on were young people who were registering for the very first time. I assisted two of these voters, and they were both so proud! One was about to graduate from high school and the other was in her first year at a local university. Being able to vote in their first presidential election, and to participate in American democracy, meant something really special to both of them."
- Julie in Tulsa, OK

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