Friday, August 22, 2008

Lucky To Be Alive After SEVERE Car Accident

just wanted to let you all know that i was involved in a very SEVERE car accident late thursday night as i was returning from anaheim after the angels/twins game..

basically, a semi-truck plowed through several cars on the 5 freeway near the on-ramp for the 91.. i believe i was the 2nd or 3rd car the truck rear-ended.. without getting into too much detail.. the force of the impact put my car into several spins.. eventually coming to a stop after crashing into the concrete center divider.. my car, of course, was completely totaled.. the pic on the left shows what's left of it.. and the video below shows even more of the aftermath of the crash.. you can see my car about 16 seconds into the video..

thankfully i was able to get out of the car on my own power and help several other people involved in the accident before my lower left leg started to swell up so much that it became difficult to walk.. an ambulance took me to the hospital for x-rays..

as far as my condition is concerned.. i'm really lucky that i only have a really bad contusion (fancy word for bruise) on my lower leg.. the swelling is still pretty significant today and it's really sore.. but i am able to hop around the house this morning.. and i'm hopeful i will be up and about again by tonight or tomorrow..

oh yeah.. one other note.. i lost the battery to my cell phone somewhere on the freeway.. so i don't have anyone's cell or office numbers... and my phone is not operational..

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