Monday, August 25, 2008

Back In The Game

First, let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me expressing their concerns and well wishes following my accident. It's really great to know that my family, friends and sometimes, perfect strangers, were so worried about me and willing to offer their assistance as I recovered.

Luckily, there wasn't much recovering needed really. As I told you Friday, I was extremely fortunate to only have a few bruises here and there, especially when you consider two people were airlifted to the hospital.

So tonight, I am officially back in the game as I return to work for the first time. I probably could have gone to work Saturday, but my ER doctor, my mom and my boss didn't think I should push it, so I just sat on the couch all weekend flipping channels. That's the last time that's going to happen for a while with the college football season kicking off this weekend.

But the real ironic part about going back to work tonight is that I will be returning to Anaheim for an Angels game, which was the reason I ended up on the 5 freeway in the first place. And speaking of the 5 freeway, I'm actually looking forward to driving past the scene of my accident. I'm hoping it will give me some added perspective on the accident as well as some closure.

I will also be checking out my car for the last time today. I wonder how mangled it will look in the daytime. I hope to post some pics later!

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