Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No One Is Putting Blame On Sterling's Shoulders

Mark Heisler wrote a column for today's LA Times basically echoing my earlier post here about Clippers Owner Donald Sterling not being responsible for the departure of Elton Brand. JA Adande also posted a similar take on

But I will say this: if bad things keep happening to you, maybe it's something you are doing elsewhere that is leading to such bad luck. The Clippers have been notoriously frugal in their spending habits when it comes to coaches, players, front office personnel, and staff-- although the salaries for the coaches and players have gone up exponentially as of late. But sometimes, it takes a long time to live down your reputation.

But at least Mr. Sterling is trying!

Mark Heisler, LA Times
Gee, why do these things keep happening to the Clippers?

I know what you're thinking, but they didn't lose Elton Brand because owner Donald T. Sterling couldn't be reached or wouldn't come up with the money.

It looks as if they lost Brand because he wanted out, which came as a shock since he always seemed true Clippers red, white and blue.

On the other hand, Brand was a Clipper for seven seasons so even if it was the best time in their history, think how many bad days he saw as opposed to good days.

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