Sunday, July 6, 2008

Clippers Lure Baron Davis To LA, Hope Elton Brand Stays

In his obviously predetermined post-game interview outburst at the NBA Finals, Kevin Garnett shouted, "Anything is possible!" Something I've always believed, long before Adidas started using it to sell shoes. And if you ever needed further proof of that idea, all you had to do was hear the news of the Clippers agreeing to a free agent contract with Baron Davis.

Let's be real. Moves like this one don't usually happen for the Clippers. They happen to the Clippers. To put it simply, this is the biggest free agent coup in the history of the Donald T. Sterling era. Davis is a bonafide star in the NBA, a proven playoff performer, and someone who gives the Clippers more than just hope, but an actual chance to do great things.

However, that chance is only possible if Elton Brand re-signs with the Clippers, which was a foregone conclusion once Davis agreed to come on board. That was until the Warriors, fresh with new cap space, threw a max deal offer towards EB. Say what you will about Brand should do, but have you ever had to make a decision that would mean walking away from $20 million?

I have not talked to EB since the Warriors offered him $90 million, but those who have spoken to him recently believe he will remain with the Clippers, and so do I. Not only does he have several interests off the floor here in Los Angeles, but he and his wife Shahara are expecting their first child shortly. So with a fresh baby room awaiting its first tenant, it would be hard for Daddy Brand to bolt town for the Bay Area, don't you think?

UPDATE: You should expect some type of definite answer from Brand in the next 24-48 hours. And from what I'm hearing, EB will re-sign with the Clippers for all the reasons I mentioned above and for another one. Next season's salary cap is expected to be $59 million. If that is indeed the case, the Clippers could actually offer Brand a contract possibly in the $80-85 million range, which would be much closer to the Warriors offer of around $90 million. And don't forget, the Clippers are the only team that can offer Brand a 6-year deal. The maximum contract length available to everyone else is only five years. If you remember, that extra year was one of the main reasons Kobe Bryant stayed with the Lakers several years ago instead of jumping ship to the Clippers.

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