Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back From Vegas

I know you've heard this before, but sorry I was away for so long. I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas celebrating my birthday. And before you try to ask, I'll just tell you. I turned 36 on July 20th.

Las Vegas is one of my favorite getaway destinations because you can do anything you want, anytime you want. I won't get into any details about my weekend in an effort to protect both the guilty and the innocent, but there were a few highlights worth sharing.

* Kelenna Azubuike, who had just signed an offer sheet from the Clippers, sat two rows in front of me on our Southwest flight from LAX to Vegas. I didn't even find out that the Golden State forward had signed the offer sheet until I was eating lunch at The Burger Bar in Mandalay Place. And guess who was sitting directly behind me when I heard the news: Warriors Head Coach Don Nelson.

* The Hard Rock Pool took party-goers back to the 80's with some old school hip-hop. Rehab is, by far, the most popular pool party event in Las Vegas. But the Hard Rock also deserves some mad props for their live music guests at the pool this past weekend: De La Soul and Ice-T. Nothing makes you reminisce more than songs from your teenage years!

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