Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shaun Livingston Update

I bumped into Shaun Livingston last week while I was in Chicago for the Unity Journalists Convention. He's back there working out with famed trainer Tim Grover, who after getting his start with Michael Jordan is considered to be the best in the business around NBA circles.

Shaun told me that he feels great, and that he can't wait to get back on the court. However, it's the latter over which he has no control.

First, his doctor must clear him for full-court, full-contact practice. Right now, he's been limited to 1-on-1 drills.
Second, even after he's cleared to run up and down without limitations, he still has to wait for a team to offer him a contract. For a guy who's used to running the point and dictating the action, these two uncertainties give him the most concern.

The Clippers continue to state that they want Shaun back for next season, but they aren't going to offer him millions of dollars without some type of assurances that he's 100% healthy.

Shaun's on the top of our radar. We keep up with his progress, said Clippers Director of Player Personnel Neil Olshey. "Hopefully he'll end up in a Clippers uniform come October."

Shaun is a class individual, who wants nothing more than to prove that he is the star-in-waiting the Clippers thought he was when they drafted him number 4 overall in 2005. I just hope his knee is up to the challenge.

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