Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jeanie Buss Stays In Touch With Fans Through Twitter

If you are ever fortunate enough to sit close enough to Jeanie Buss during a Lakers game, you won’t only see the team’s Executive Vice President of Business Operations cheering on her family’s team, you will also see her routinely typing on her phone.

No, she’s not sending her boyfriend, Phil Jackson texts about defensive strategy or substitution patterns. In fact, you can see for yourself exactly what she’s saying right on her Twitter page: @jeaniebuss.

“A lot of times I tweet during games and when I want to pull my hair out because we missed a shot or the game is getting too close, and I’m nervous,” said Buss.  “So I’m sharing that with all the people who follow me on Twitter.

“It just makes it an experience for Laker fans because I consider myself a fan.  So I feel like I get to be with everybody and go through the same emotions.”

In 2010, even the most high-profile people have Twitter accounts, but you might be surprised where Jeanie got her inspiration to dive head first into social networking.

Jeanie Buss:  World Champion Tweeter

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