Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kaman Let The Clippers Down In Phoenix

A certain amount of responsibility comes to a player when his talent and hard work produce a certain level of consistent production.  When you become one of the main reasons a team wins or loses, your coaches and teammates depend on you each and every game.  If a player does something to unnecessarily take himself out of a game, he is essentially letting everyone down.

That's exactly what Chris Kaman did to his Clippers coaches and teammates Friday in Phoenix.  He let them down.

After scoring 12 points in the first half, Kaman got whistled for two technical fouls just 20 seconds into the 3rd quarter after mouthing off at the officials.

"Chris has to keep his cool, especially being an All-Star center," said Baron Davis. "He knows we need him. It was just an unfortunate situation." Coach Says Kaman Let Team Down

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