Monday, November 17, 2008

Witnessing History--The Sequel

Some of you may remember my post "Tyson Chandler: Witnessing History," where I told you about a meeting between the NBA rising star and Senator Barack Obama on the campaign trail. Chandler had written how the experience gave him a different perspective on politics, in general, and society, as a whole.

Shortly after Senator Obama became President-Elect Obama, Chandler added another post to his blog about watching the election night coverage with his wife.

One passage in particular from Chandler's blog post stood out to me. In reference to a story about one of his assistant coaches growing up in the South and remembering the "white only" water fountains and having to enter stores and restaurants through the back door, Chandler wrote, "A lot of times we lose touch of the opportunity that we have. It makes you respect it a lot more when you hear something like that, or you get a chance to hear Bill Russell speak about playing back then. You say, 'Man, I've got the opportunity to do what I love night in and night out, and there were people before me who fought and died for this.'"

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