Monday, November 3, 2008

The Return of "Smooth LeBron"

There's a huge debate going into this NBA season about who will win this year's MVP. Some think Kobe, some say CP3, and others favor LeBron. You can make strong cases for either. However, if there was an award for the NBA's best commercial actor, LeBron James would win in a landslide.

Check out his newest Nike ad featuring the return of "Smooth LeBron" and a certain Pussy Cat Doll.

Best line: "You got me smilin'; I don't smile. Got me changin' my expression; I don't express."



Crossy said...

If Nicole wasn't in the commercial, I think it wouldn't have held your attention!! LOL

malingering said...

LeBron is the best NBA actor ever. Though I sort of like Kobe in the guitar hero commercial.

My vote for worst is Tim Duncan in the Playoffs commercials a few seasons ago. "I can't hear you, la la lah."