Thursday, September 4, 2008

Republican Inaccuracies And Hypocrisy Show No Bounds

I realize that in this day and age of modern American politics, one side is going to constantly attack the other side on the issues-- both real and unreal. So, as much as I hate such tactics, I get it.

However, the only thing I would ask for--and I assume the majority of Americans would hope for as well--is that the attacks are factual in nature and they are not hypocritical. The speeches and some of the commentary we heard Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention did not live up to those requests.

In the words of Associated Press journalist, Jim Kuhnnenn, Sarah Palin and her Republican supporters "stretched the truth" in their reproach of Barack Obama and their praise of one another.

As far as the hypocrisy is concerned, I think I'll just turn it over to The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

Again, I understand the relentless attacking of the other side, but those attacks, even if aimed towards my favored party, would carry much more weight with me if they were accurate and fair.

I'm beginning to think, unfortunately, that such a request is far too much to ask in today's political forum, especially from conservatives.

UPDATE: Speaking of hypocrisy!


Jeff Shearin said...

I guess you right we should get our news from Jon Stewart, after all we can rely on the news media.

JNC said...

and the Left is not exactly telling the truth either. Here's some light reading.

Michael Eaves said...

lol.. so you respond to a post about lies, jnc, by posting a link with more lies??

i wish both sides would tell the truth.. about everything!