Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Leftovers

*Super Bowl XLII was a prime example of why I love sports. No matter what you've seen before or what you believed going into a particular game, you know that there's still a chance for you to be surprised. There's still a chance for something to happen that you never would have expected. There's still a chance for reality to surpass any script Hollywood could produce. And that's why we watch.

*I didn't really care who won the game. Both the Giants and the Patriots would produce intriguing stories with a victory. Whether it was Eli becoming the second straight Manning quarterback to win a championship or New England posting a perfect 19-0 record, there were enough storylines to make this Super Bowl one of the most memorable in recent times. But the best story in sports is always the underdog pulling the upset on the game's biggest stage.

*Eli Manning's unbelievable escape and heave to David Tyree on the game-winning fourth quarter drive was the most amazing play I have ever seen in the Super Bowl-- not so much because of the throw but because of the catch. For Tyree to outfight future hall of famer Rodney Harrison and then pin the ball against his helmet with one hand to complete the reception is beyond amazing. It will go down as the defining moment of Super Bowl XLII.

*The worst moment of the game was by far Bill Belichick's display of utter disrespect for the game, his opponent and his team when he ran off the field with time still on the clock. He is the worst loser in the history of professional sports. I've seen better sportsmanship from a spoiled child.

*Tom Petty was a poor choice for the halftime show. Not that his music is not timeless, it's just not Super Bowl-worthy. Whether it's rock, country or hip-hop/r&b, the Super Bowl halftime show needs to be lively. It's supposed to keep the party going through to the third quarter, not put us to sleep.

*I thought the Super Bowl ads were collectively pretty funny and entertaining. Some of my personal favorites: 1) Pepsi's ad with Justin Timberlake 2) Budweiser's "Rocky" parody with Hank the clydsdale 3) Vitamin Water's ad depicting Shaq as a jockey 4) FedEx's spot with the giant pigeons 5) T-Mobile's "Fave Five" ad with Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley.

*Finally, why is it that every year, no matter how much you tell yourself you're not going to do it again this year, you inevitably eat yourself into a junkfood coma? What is it about Super Bowl Sunday that you get so wrapped up in the game and festivities that you really think 4 pieces of pizza, 10 chicken wings, a half bag of chips, half a cup of salsa, 5 cookies and 8 beers really won't give you a stomach ache this year? Next year, I'm going all organic. Seriously!

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