Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't Talk About Biting If Your Mouth Is Full

I've always felt you should never call out someone if you are doing the same thing you are calling them out for. [ed. note: Wow, my high school english teacher would scream if she saw that line.]

After some media outlets suggested that Barack Obama may be guilty of plagiarism in a recent campaign speech, Hillary Clinton basically came right out and said as much during the most recent democratic debate in Texas.

However, here's a link on suggesting that Senator Clinton is guilty of the same charges. And while Senator Obama used a suggested line from one of his campaign co-chairs, Senator Clinton stole her lines from former candidate John Edwards. I'm sorry, but I think biting lines from a former opponent is a little different than using a passage written by someone on your own campaign team.

But having said that, I tend to agree with Senator Obama on one thing about this issue. It's really silly. I hope both sides of this campaign drop this topic and drop it quickly. It's simply too petty to even discuss. There are much more important issues to debate.

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