Friday, February 22, 2008

Clippers Stand Pat At Deadline

Here's a link to an article in Friday's LA Times about the Clippers not making any deals before the trade deadline.

From everyone I talked to, I did not expect Sam Cassell to be dealt-- at least not to the Celtics, who really didn't have anything interesting to offer the Clippers. Plus, I believe Cassell did not help his cause with his comments to the Boston Globe about wanting to play for Celtics. It's always harder for a team to deal a player when that player publicly declares where he would like to play.

Cassell could still end up in Boston if his agent, David Falk, can negotiate a buyout of his contract. The move would make Cassell a free agent. He could then sign with any team he chooses. However, in order for Cassell to be on a team's playoff roster, his contract would have to be bought out by March 1.

One other note, the Clippers reluctance to deal Quinton Ross to the Suns tells you how much Mike Dunleavy loves his defensive presence. Q-Ross may be the best bargain in the league.

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