Monday, October 5, 2009

What Handicap?

You may have first seen or heard about Kyle Lograsso from HBO's Real Sports segment on this emerging golf prodigy. The most amazing part of this tremendous story is not his remarkable golf skills, but rather what he's overcome to even get on the course.

In the latest edition of LA Times Magazine, KCAL's John Ireland updates us on Lograsso's quest to make the PGA Tour and find a cure for cancer.

Just how good is this golf phenom? Check out the following excerpt:

"He already has a score of 38 for 9 holes and a 78 for a full round of 18, and he has been invited to professional tournaments and has met several touring pros. He has a foundation and his own golf tournament coming up next year. (Read more about that at"

Read more here: What Handicap? - LA Times Magazine

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