Tuesday, October 6, 2009

UK Freshman Class The Best of All Time? Hold Your Horses, Hoss

I just stumbled across a post on Bleacher Report suggesting that Kentucky's incoming freshman class may be the best college basketball recruiting class ever assembled. Here's an excerpt:

"Though they lack a popular nickname for now (Scintillating or Super Sextet, Big Blue Babies, and Kentucky's Kids are the suggestion's I'm throwing out there), Kentucky's young guns are going to be almost impossible to stop from day one.

John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins are arguably the two best freshmen in the country and Eric Bledsoe, Daniel Orton, and Jon Hood aren't too far behind. Also, small forward Darnell Dodson is one of the best JUCO transfers in the country."

Now, I have never been one to rate how good players are until they prove how good they are on the collegiate level. We have all seen several so-called hoop phenoms fall way short of their expectations once they make the leap from high school to college. Thus, reminding us that prior success does not always dictate future success.

So again, before we starting anointing the 2009 UK Freshman class as the best of all time, how about we let them prove their ranking first?

Road to The Final Four: 10 Teams Relying Heavily on Freshmen | Bleacher Report

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