Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SEC Slaps Lane Kiffin On The Wrist--Again!!

For the second time this season, first-year Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin has received a letter of reprimand from SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. Kiffin got this slap on the wrist not just for criticizing the officiating from Saturday's loss to Alabama, but for insinuating that the officials are somehow playing favorites and potentially determining the outcomes of games.

From his introductory news conference when he talked about beating Florida this season to his first reprimand from the league office back in February for accusing Florida of violating NCAA rules, I thought Kiffin was in way over his head. He simply wasn't ready to lead a big-time program such as Tennessee. Sure he could talk a good game, but I felt that same mechanism--his mouth--would ultimately lead to his downfall. After less than a season on the job, he seems headed down that road.

If Kiffin gets called into the commissioner's office again this year, he could face even harsher penalties, including a suspension. That's how seriously the SEC is taking these repeated offenses.

It's time to grow up a little bit here, Lane. Instead of repeatedly calling your favorite play--open mouth, insert foot--you should keep your head down and focus on building a program that can speak for itself!

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree more!! They should make Monte Kiffin the head coach and put a muzzle on Lane.