Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DeMarcus Cousins Will Follow Calipari To Kentucky

Several news outlets are reporting that DeMarcus Cousins will follow John Calipari to Kentucky. He is the first in an expected line of top recruits Calipari will bring to UK.

I will be working the sidelines on this weekend's Nike Hoop Summit in Portland. The game will feature not only Cousins, but also Xavier Henry and John Wall, both of whom could very well end up in Lexington alongside Cousins.

I plan to talk to all three players Friday afternoon. I hope to share some of those conversations with you over the weekend.

As far as Cousins is concerned, his high school coach, Otis Hughley, said that he was glad Cousins went ahead and made a decsion instead of dragging out the process.

You can read more info here.

Be sure and catch the Nike Hoop Summit Saturday evening on FSN, as I will be interviewing some of these players live during the game. Check your local listings.

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