Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jury Duty Musings

Welcome to the LA Superior Courthouse Jury Assembly Room in Torrance. That is where I sit as I type this post. I was called Tuesday to serve after postponing a previous requirement. With my schedule, it's really hard to predict when a week in the future will be better or worse than another. So, thus, here I sit.

We are at lunch right now as jury selection continues. If I am not called to serve on this particular trial, my service will be completed. Wish me luck!

I'm trying to use this time to prepare for tonight's Lakers/Suns game. Regardless of what happens here at LA Superior Court, I will be working courtside tonight at Staples Center.

As I do my normal research, I stumbled across a few tidbits I thought I would share with you.

I know several Lakers fans will be disappointed not to see Shaq in the house tonight. After last night's 35-point performance against the Bucks, he left Phoenix bound for New Jersey to attend the funeral services of his 92-year old great-grandmother. My condolences go out to Shaq and his family.

Speaking of Phoenix, check out this excerpt from an article by Diane Pucin of the Los Angeles Times: "The NBA is going to announce today that it will present its All-Star Saturday night program of the slam dunk contest, three-point shooting contest and skill challenge in a three-dimensional format at 80 movie theaters around the country Feb. 14. 'This is about embracing new technology and being innovative,' said David Levy, president of Turner Broadcasting Sales Inc. and Turner Sports. Levy said he is not concerned that the theater showing would negatively affect television ratings on TNT. 'We're aiming at the Saturday night moviegoer,' Levy said. 'And we'll be able to do things with the 3-D cameras that we wouldn't normally be able to do with a live game.'"

Is it just me or do you think we are getting closer and closer to having technologically-manipulated sports games and leagues? Guys sitting at home on their couches calling plays and substitutions through their Xbox3600 or PS30? Ok, well, that might be a stretch, but you feel me, right?

We often view owners of sports teams as money-grubbing old men who don't give a damn about the fans. They only want their money, and are unwilling to go the extra mile to earn the fans trust and respect. At times, that feeling is spot on.

However, that's not always the case as Mark McLane of Black Jesus Disciples explains: "Years ago, I worked for The Home Depot. A coworker of mine was an older gentleman whose retirement hadn't quite stuck the way he hoped. Bored out of his mind sitting around the house, he decided to don a hideous orange apron and make some extra dough while keeping himself busy. Every once in a while, we'd talk Suns basketball (this was during Nash's first MVP season) and while knowledgeable, he admittedly didn't follow the team all that closely any more, and didn't plan to despite my pleas and the Suns incredibly entertaining brand of basketball. The reasons cited were your standard, run of the mill cultural differences, getting too old, that kind of thing. Except the last one he gave. Jerry Colangelo no longer ran the show. It turns out my friend was once a Suns season ticket holder and had been for a number of years. 1988 rolled around and due to a rough economic spot in his life, he and his wife were forced to cancel their season tickets. They made the necessary calls and were soon no longer Suns season ticket holders. Finishing up dinner one night not long after canceling their season tickets, there was a knock at the door. My friend answered to find Jerry Colangelo, donning a three piece suit, hoping to discuss what brought on the cancellation of their season tickets and how he could bring them back into the fold. Colangelo had a cup of coffee, made his pitch, thanked them for their time and continued support of the Phoenix Suns, and went on his way, leaving behind a couple of renewed season ticket holders."

Could anyone imagine Donald Sterling making such a trip? Probably not, but I could totally see Arte Moreno doing it.

And last but not least, you HAVE to read this NY Times article about the oldest college basketball player in the country. I'll give you a little hint, he's old enough to be your grandfather. So much for using the "old" excuse as a reason for no longer balling!


Trojan Horse said...

Damn! Jury duty. I feel for you. And yes, I'm very disappointed that Shaq isn't playing tonight. I always look forward to his collisions with the Lakers, regardless of the team he may be playing for.

Crossy said...

He interesting intiative by the NBA for All-Star weekend. Should be interesting. Although, i'd rather actually be at the event!! :)

I'm sorry Shaq will not be on the court tonight as well, but my heart goes out to him and his family. His great grandma lived a long life.