Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Patience A Virtue For Clippers Fans

As the Clippers were on their way to starting the season a very disappointing 1-10, the moans and groans from Clippers Nation were coming fast and furious. Despite LA's recent rash of injuries, most fans viewed Monday's matchup with the Nets as a very winnable game. After all, New Jersey won only 12 games last season.

Of course, counting W's before a game is played is always a risky proposition. It may be cliche, but anybody can beat anybody on any given night. How do I know? That's what Oklahoma City players were saying after the Clippers beat them for their lone win of the season thus far.

Back to Monday night for a moment. I realize for some fans, being patient is not one of their strong suits, and when it comes to Clippers fans, most are sick and tired of being patient. And who could blame them?

However, don't let your lack of patience cloud your perspective.

foxsportswest.com:  Patience A Virtue For Clippers Fans

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