Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bledsoe Running Away With Unexpected Opportunity

Imagine that your company is holding this huge showcase at the convention center.  Thousands of people are going to be there, and your boss has given you a role in the event, albeit a minor one. 

Shortly after you arrive at the venue however, you discover a major change to your role.  On the schedule of events, your name is now listed as the emcee for the showcase instead of your company vice president.  You will now be responsible for making sure that all the presentations run smoothly and seamlessly.

Not exactly the way you would want to make your company-sponsored public speaking debut, right?

Well, that's sort of what happened this week to Eric Bledsoe, who made his first career NBA start with just a couple of hours notice Monday against San Antonio.

Considering the circumstances, not much was expected of the Clippers rookie point guard except from Bledsoe himself. Bledsoe Makes Most Of His Chance

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