Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's Griffin's Impact on Clippers' Wins?

By Don MacLean
FOX Sports West & PRIME TICKET    

October 13, 2010

It’s that time of year. Hoops season is upon us and everyone is getting geared up for the NBA regular season. Baseball is moving out of Southern California’s consciousness and basketball is moving in. 

How do I know it’s that time of year (other than the fact that we are getting ready for another great year of Clippers Basketball on Prime Ticket)? I know because of the questions. When I’m out and about people are asking me how the Clippers are going to be this year, if Blake Griffin is really that good, and are the Clippers going to make the playoffs this year. I enjoy sharing my insight with people that follow the Clippers and it seems like this year there have been more questions and more interest which is a good thing. So we decided to get your opinion.  

For the last week our community poll question on the Clippers page at has asked how many more games the Clippers will win with Blake Griffin. The choices are A) 5-10, B) 10-15 or C) 15+. The question is still up on the website so you can still weigh in, but since it’s been a week I decided to check in on the results so far. What's Blake Griffin's Impact on Clippers' Wins?

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