Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bay Area Anchor Famous For Singletary Interview Gets The Boot

Maybe you've heard about the infamous live interview 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary did recently with KPIX sports anchor Dennis O'Donnell. In case you haven't seen the video, you should watch it below.

Having just recently viewed the video myself, I felt the need to voice my opinions here.

I think what Singletary did to O'Donnell on the air was completely uncalled for and downright disrespectful. But beyond that, for O'Donnell to be removed from that special segment is even more ridiculous in my mind.

Not only were O'Donnell's questions timely and topical in wake of a recent Yahoo! Sports article, he was giving Singletary a chance to set the record straight in the team's special segment on KPIX's newscast, which I'm sure is where 49ers fans expect to get the most direct information regarding the team. Even if Singletary didn't know or respect that, he's certainly aware of the money the station pays for that access. And for that reason, he should have been more cooperative during O'Donnell's interview.

Being a sportscaster myself, I just hate the idea that the station and team executives didn't do what was right and have Singletary apologize to O'Donnell. Instead, as we often see in Corporate America, KPIX station execs seemed to bend over backwards to appease the 49ers. It seems as though being a slave to the almighty dollar supersedes doing the right thing.

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