Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weaver Is A Hometown All-Star Snub

Even though the MLB All-Star game is nothing more than a glorified exhibition--despite World Series home-field advantaged being determined by the outcome--players take selection to the Midsummer's Classic very seriously.  In fact, most players probably care more about being selected to the team than the actual outcome of the game, especially those not likely to make the playoffs.

Besides just about every player having some sort of All-Star Game incentive in their contracts--Torii Hunter picked up an extra cool $100k for his 4th selection--the real reason guys want to make the team is to be recognized as one of the game's best.  Call it pride, ego or both, but every player wants to feel elite.

The problem, however, is that not every All-Star caliber player makes the All-Star Game roster.

foxsportswest.com: Weaver Is A Hometown All-Star Snub 

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