Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Can't Ron Artest Get The Benefit Of The Doubt

I have always found it amusing when friends and fans come running to me after something questionable has occurred regarding a prominent sports figure and not because I know they expect me to have some inside information.  I find it amusing because people always think the worst, or at the very least, they think something shady has been going on.

The latest example of this dynamic is the Ron Artest fall-induced concussion.  When the news first came out that the Lakers forward had fallen down a flight of stairs at this home, it didn't seem that many people were too concerned about his well-being.  Instead, they were all about hearing "what really happened," as if falling down the stairs can never be a legitimate excuse for suffering a concussion and a gash in your elbow.

Behind The Mic: Artest's Christmas Accident

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