Friday, November 27, 2009

Selfish Idiot Forces Police To Shoot Defenseless Bear

Before I even get started on this story, let me preface my comments by saying that I am a huge animal lover.  Dogs, horses, etc, I love them all--well except for maybe some cats, but that's a topic for another time.

However, as much as I love animals, I don't value their lives over the lives of human beings.  I am not an over-the-top animal rights enthusiast.  I can't stand animal cruelty, but I also realize raising animals for food is a huge part of our culture.  So in the grand pecking order of the world, it's humans first, animals second.

Now, there are exceptions to just about everything, and while I don't value the lives of animals over the ones of humans, I can honestly say that's not always the case.  For example, if someone were to brutally harm or even kill my dog, I can't say for certain that my reaction would not be severe violence towards that person.  I believe people who are intentionally cruel and violent towards innocent animals are some of the most disgusting people in the world.  I put them in the same category as child molesters and rapists.  Those who prey on the defenseless are the biggest cowards in the world, and I believe the death penalty is sometimes a justifiable punishment even if their victim(s) doesn't die.

From the picture posted above, you can probably guess what led me to share these thoughts with you.  If you don't know the story, some dumbass in Switzerland jumped into a bear's den at a local zoo with the intent of "having a picnic" with the bear.  You heard me.  This clown wanted to eat food with a wild animal.  As you might imagine, things didn't exactly go so well--for the idiot or for the bear either, unfortunately.  And it's what happened to the bear that really pains me about this story.

After the bear reacted as most wild animals would--by mauling this fool--police were forced to shoot the bear in order to save the man's life.  So while the idiot, who thought jumping into a bear's den was a good idea, will likely live despite some pretty severe injuries, the bear is fighting for his life. Where is the justice here?  What did the bear do wrong?

This is an example where I have no sympathy whatsoever for this human being.  If anyone deserved to die in this scenario, it was the man, not the bear.  As cold as that may sound, that's how I truly feel.  This man made a conscious decision to put his life on the line.  The bear didn't, but yet, it's the bear's life that may end as a result.

What the hell is wrong with people?  Does anyone ever think about the ramifications of their actions, and not just what may happen to them as a result, but to others as well?  When you really think about it, could this guy had been more selfish?  He wanted to be cool.  Be funny.  Be noticed.  Instead, he damn near got killed, and possibly caused another life to end.

I will say this though.  Now that the guy is safe and still alive, I hope he fully recovers from his injuries just so he can be healthy enough to serve several years in jail.  But I guess it would be too much to ask if his cellmate would be a behemoth of a man named, "Bear," huh?  Oh well, one can only hope!


Anonymous said...

Just remember - you can't cure stupid.

casalarisa said...

Who are we to interfere with Darwinism in action?