Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pitino's Cat Is Finally Out Of The Bag

This past week at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in Tampa, I moderated a panel discussion entitled, "Pros and Cons: Covering the Professional and Personal Lives of Athletes." The purpose of the panel was to examine the way the media report private aspects of the lives of today's athletes, as well as coaches. As you might imagine, the discussion was quite educational.

I bring up that panel discussion because of the news today out of Kentucky that Louisville head coach Rick Pitino allegedly paid $3000 to Karen Cunigan Sypher for an abortion, after an affair led to her pregnancy.

I first learned of this allegation back in April, but I did not see any reason in reporting this piece of news because I felt it was a private manner between the Pitino and Sypher families. (See: Is Anything Sacred Anymore)

I was criticized by some readers for not reporting what I knew, while others used my refusal to expose this allegation as an opportunity to cast dispersions on me as a journalist. If you do what I do long enough, you come to expect and accept such things. Some people are simply too passionate about their favorite teams and athletes to think logically and hold rational conversations, but that's cool. Passion is what makes sports so much fun to watch and cover.

I just hope in this instance, that passion doesn't lead to some fans losing decorum and tact when talking publicly about such a private matter. Don't be so quick to put your business on Front Street, if you don't want yours to be out there either.