Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cubs Fan Gives All Fans A Bad Name

By now, you've probably seen the video of that stupid Cubs fan who doused Shane Victorino with a beer while the Phillies outfielder was catching a fly ball. There are so many adjectives one could use to describe this dumb, dangerous, cowardly act, and all of them may fall short of accurately describing this moron.

It is acts such as these that eventually give all fans a bad name. You wonder why athletes ignore your shouts of their name or seem standoffish when you approach them in public? It could be because they have experienced boorish behavior firsthand. Wouldn't that give you pause the next time you encounter an overzealous fan?

The thing that really irks me about this particular incident is that security got the wrong guy. Check out the video below. Pause it at the :20 mark and notice the fan in the hat and white t-shirt with sunglasses hanging from his collar. That's the actual guy who threw the beer, not the fan about three seats down who security eventually escorted out of the stadium.

This scene reminds me of what happened at the Palace of Auburn Hills when Ron Artest got plunked with that empty beer cup. The guy Artest went after was not the actual guy who threw the cup.

Say what you will about retaliation through violence, but I dare you to find anyone who wouldn't want to pummel some cat who threw beer on them. I'm not advocating violence against these type of jerks, but as Chris Rock once said, I understand!

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jjjj said...

What's the big deal? He got a free beer.