Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reactions and Opinions Vary on Instant Replay in Baseball

As expected, the outcry from fans and media regarding Jim Joyce's blown call which prevented Armando Galarraga from earning just the 21st perfect game in Major League Baseball history, has been steady and strong.  However, the opinions have differed quite a bit.

I did an impromptu poll of Angels players and coaches on the idea of expanding instant replay, and I seemed to get a different opinion from every player--even from those who want to see more reviewable plays.

Torii Hunter wants all questionable calls eligible for replay.  Mike Scioscia only wants it for plays away from the bases when umpires aren't always in the best position to make an accurate call.  Joe Saunders only wants to see it in the playoffs.  And that's just in one MLB clubhouse.

Check out some of the various reactions--including mine--to the blown call and opinions on instant replay.


"I am glad to hear that Commissioner Selig is already addressing the play as well as the future of instant replay.  I just hope he doesn't take too much time in doing what is right. 1) Reverse the call–-in the best interest of baseball--and credit Galarraga with a perfect game. 2) Expand the use of instant replay to beyond just home run disputes."

Thomas Boswell--Washington Post

"With one decision, Selig can right a spectacular wrong and take a gorilla of guilt off the shoulders of a good veteran umpire. And he can show that baseball has common sense."

Phil Rogers--Chicago Tribune

"MLB is, as always, bringing up the rear in its use of technology. But that doesn't mean that effective tomorrow every call should be subject to deliberate review by video officials. That's crazy. There are too many calls in a baseball game -- too many close calls -- to expect that they all be made correctly."

Henry Schulman--San Francisco Chronicle

"Starting with the first game of the second half for each team, instant replay is in for EVERY possible call except for balls and strikes. Each manager gets one challenge a game -- a potential five minutes more to prevent another Jim Joyce from screwing another Armando Galarraga."

Bernie Miklasz--St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"I don’t see how commissioner Bud Selig and the people who lord over baseball can continue to ignore replay as a device that will improve the game and make the umpires less of a factor. It’s overdue. It’s time. And if anything good can come out of the events of Wednesday night in Detroit, replay is it."

Don Denkinger--Former MLB umpire

"Maybe instant replay can clean things up. If a play is missed, it can be corrected. I didn't feel that way in '85, but I feel that way now. We want everything to be called correctly. Unfortunately it isn't, because we're just human beings."

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