Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clippers Memories Fade, But Livingston Doesn't

Sunday night's Lakers game against the Wizards felt like a Clippers reunion.  Washington's roster included four former Clippers--Shaun Livingston, Al Thornton, Quinton Ross, James Singleton--and another, Sam Cassell, is an assistant coach on Flip Saunders' staff.

As I talked to some of the guys, I had two prevailing thoughts:  1) The 2006 NBA Playoffs when the Clippers nearly beat the Suns to advance to the Western Conference Finals-all of the above mentioned played on that team, except Thornton and Boykins.  2)  Livingston's horrific knee injury the following season.

foxsports.com: Clippers' Memories Fade, But Livingston Doesn't

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