Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Time For The N-Word To Go!

Through the years, I have been as guilty as anyone when it comes to using the N-word--even after telling myself countless times to stop using it. The difficulty in elimating that word from my vocabulary has re-inforced to me just how engrained that word is into American culture, and especially African-American culture.

However, even though the excuses for why that word continues to be used so freely are numerous, none of them qualify as a legitimate reason to continue its use. An argument better presented, perhaps, by a 10-year old.


Pete said...


I am a middle-aged white guy who was taught form a young age not to use the "N-word." But I have been baffled at how it has come to be used within the African American community. Thank you for posting this inspiring video. That young man is incredible!

Anonymous said...

The n-word serves as the last link to chattel slavery, a link that should have been broken a long time ago. More on Black America and the N-word:


groovyacousticsoul said...

Right on, Michael. I appreciate the post.

DeAnna said...

I saw this the other day and I thought this little boy has more sense than most adults. I am a 32 year black woman and I have to admit that I have used the word but I am trying to break myself from saying it. This video was an inspiration.