Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Sorry, I've been away for a while, but life has its ways of corralling you sometimes. Between work, traveling for work and pleasure, and doing chores around the house, blogging time ends up being a bit scarce. But who wants excuses, right? You want a blog, so here it is.

By the way, thanks so much to everyone who has sent me feedback on my posts. All of them have been favorable and I greatly appreciate it. Keep 'em coming!

Okay, let's get this catch-up post rolling. Since so much has happened since my last post, I'm going to just drop a few notes on several topics instead of writing long posts about everything. Plus, who wants to hear me ramble anyway?

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1) Roger Clemens: Sorry, future and deserving Hall of Famer, but you are LYING! As I stated earlier, I have suspected Roger Clemens of using some type of performance-enhancers for quite sometime, and the testimony of his former trainer, Brian McNamee just reaffirmed my thoughts.

The funny thing was when Clemens, in his usual bullying style, played the tape of his phone conversation with McNamee at the news conference following his 60 Minutes appearance. Did he really think that fake-ass phone call would make him seem less guilty? Does he really think people are that stupid? Never once did he ask McNamee why he lied nor did McNamee apologize for saying something that wasn't true. He was nothing more than a man who was sorry for selling out a friend by telling the truth. He let Clemens down by not taking the bullet for him-- that was his crime, not lying.

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2) Pacman Jones: I'm not about to guess whether the latest allegation about him punching a woman at an Atlanta strip club is true or not. I just don't understand why this man keeps going to strip clubs. Can't he "make it rain" at home?

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3) UCLA Hires Rick Neuheisel: He definitely has the charisma that is needed in the backdrop of Hollywood. His X's & O's skill on the offensive side of the ball might be as good as anyone in the college game. And keeping DeWayne Walker on staff as defensive coordinator will help him salvage one of the program's best recruiting classes in recent memory. I just hope he's true to his word about learning from his past mistakes. It would be a shame to bring embarrassment to his alma mater and to those who put their reputations on the line for him to come back home to Westwood.

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4) Patriots Complete Perfect Regular Season: I will be the first to admit that I thought there was no way New England would actually run the table and post a 16-0 record. The level of play in the NFL is at such a level each and every week that one lackluster game during the course of 17 weeks is more of a certainity than a possibility--something we nearly saw when Tom Brady and company needed a last-minute rally to beat the Ravens.

But having said all of that, their feat was nothing short of perfection. From the way they played and often dominated games to their handling of the pressure and constant questions about the streak throughout the latter part of the season was pure textbook.

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5) Britney Spears: Finally, would someone please help this poor child? I mean, seriously, this girl is freaking crazy. From her pantiless car exits to her public meltdowns, Brit is in serious need of professional help.

It's been said that money, power and/or fame do not build character, but rather reveal it. Something we are readily discovering from a teen idol raking in $700,000 a month just from interest on her pop music fortune. Hollywood is not for everybody. She should get out while she can.

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